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Feature Comparison between Foxfire! 8.0+ Desktop and Web Versions

Please note that features are continually being added and this chart will be updated. This list is current as of 8.0.486 of Foxfire! 8.0/Windows and 1.0.27 of the Web version.

Feature Windows Web
Report Management (Request Manager)
Organize requests into folders X X
Review Request Properties and Contents without editing X X
Switch between different Report Sets X X
Import / Export X  
Batch Requests (creation and execution of running batches) X  
Schedule Requests to run at specific times X* X
Save Existing Requests With Another Name X X
Limit permissions to certain features in a Request (Data Items, Filters, Sorts, Output) X X
Request Creation/Modification/Deletion (based on security) X X
Windows XP Theme Support X  
Web Style Sheet Support   X
Send Output to Other Sources (send to menu) X  
* Requires use of Windows Task Scheduler    
Request Design
Types of Requests    
Detail X X
Summary X X
Cross-Tab X X
Label X  
Multiple Template Support X X
Report Design Preview X X
Dockable Workbench X  
Instant Update In Preview X X
Data Item Group Support X X
Change Appearance (change formatting of data items for single request only) X X
Font Control X X
Create New Data Item X X
Update Existing Data Items X X
Access to Full Data Dictionary X  
Expand Search (access to outer joins) X X
Merge Support (Union) X X
Top N Support X X
Output Options    
Report Previewer X
Spreadsheet X X
Excel Chart X X*
Text File (Comma Delmited, SDF, Tab Delimited) X X
Data Browser X  
Formatted Word Document X X
Sort and Group Support X X
Hide Automatic Summaries X X
Add additional calculations X X
Drag / Drop Between Lists X X
Drag/Drop onto Design Preview X  
Custom Processing X  
Edit SQL Query X  
Separate and Send Support X X
* Requires Excel on server    

Running Requests

Ask At Runtime Support (including optional) X X
Custom Control Support X X (limited)
Calendar Date Prompts X* X
E-Mail Notification when complete   X
Request Server Queue (runs as Windows service)   X
Dynamic Combo Filter Population X  
Static Combo Filter Population   X
Support Custom SQL Query X X
* As configured by developer    
Administration Tools
(runs under Windows but included with Web version as an administrator tool)
Data Dictionary X  
Data Item Group Editor X  
Relationship Editor X  
Setup Wizard X  
Template Editor X  


Lasted Updated : Feb 22, 2007